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Electronic tools and their influence on individual and collective self-perceptions, decision processes and communication forms are ubiquitous nowadays, accounted an equally central and problematic trait of our times. In this context, digitalisation processes in society, culture and politics frequently have just as much of an integrative as an irritating effect. The interplay between digital technologies and modes of perception in capturing and when applicable critically questioning learning behaviours and social practices is therefore an urgent task facing many fields of knowledge.

In the spirit of open science, the GWZO is reacting to the possibilities and challenges of digitalisation. This particularly affects the materiality and mediality of the generated, disseminated and stored knowledge. The GWZO is working to standardise and interlink its data, as well as to make arcane sources virtually accessible, in order to utilise digital possibilities in an equally critical and productive manner.

OstData at the GWZO

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OstData [EastData] is to become the central service for research data management in German East, East-Central and Southeast European research. Working jointly with the Bavarian State Library Munich and other non-university academic institutions in the field of East European studies, the GWZO will be constructing OstData in these next years.

OstData at the GWZo is lead by Prof. Dr. Christian Lübke and Dr. Christine Gölz.

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Research Data Management at the GWZO

Research data are a cornerstone of academic knowledge. Making them lastingly available, and with guaranteed quality, to other researchers is the GWZO’s goal, and of enormous significance in the digital age.

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