Digital Expert Forums

The GWZO contributes to online knowledge

Historical and interdisciplinary academic communication is increasingly taking place via digital portals and journals. Electronic expert forums and e-journals are therefore a key area in which the Institute's staff communicate their research to the specialist public. Participation in editorial offices offers the GWZO the opportunity to set topics and initiate discussions. At the same time, specialist forums and e-journals open up attractive and easily accessible publication opportunities for doctoral students and postdocs. Writing reviews, research and conference reports as well as concise contributions to discussion forums and e-journals are key academic qualifications and everyday tasks in science.

H-Soz-Kult is a moderated information and communication platform for historians and interdisciplinary historical research. GWZO staff members contribute to H-Soz-Kult with leading responsibility in the areas of East Central European and transnational research.

Dr. Sabine Stach, together with Dr. Ruža Fotiadis (Berlin), Dr. Florian Peters (Jena) and Dr. Elisa Satjukow (Leipzig), is responsible for the specialist editorial team »History and Culture of East Central Europe and Southeast Europe«. Dr. Katja Castryck-Naumann is responsible for the area of transnational history.

The Clio-online portal offers subject-specific information for historical studies and adjacent fields. Clio-online offers not just comprehensive registries of researchers, institutions and online reviews, but also access to various thematic portals.

Dr. Katja Castryck-Naumann is the spokesperson of Clio-online’s main committee.

Connections is an e-journal with peer reviews for supra-regional, transnational, world and global history. It carries forward the work of geschichte.transnational, which began serving as a review forum 2004.

Dr. Katja Castryck-Naumann is one of the editors. The journal project is supported by the European Network in Universal and Global History (ENIUGH). GWZO employees are active in ENIUGH’s committees.

The Premodern East Slavic Europe Network aims to pool expertise on premodernity in Eastern European history in order to strengthen this field of research and increase its visibility.

The Deputy Director of the GWZO, Prof. Dr. Julia Herzberg, is a founding member and one of the coordinators of the network.

The portal »Copernico. History and Cultural Heritage in Eastern Europe« aims to make scientific research more visible and opens up new ways of preserving and communicating cultural heritage to the public.

PD Dr. Adamantios T. Skordos represents the GWZO on the editorial board. GWZO employees have, among other things, contributed to the project with an e-learning course on the history of Ukraine.

European History Online, EGO for short, depicts the last 500 years of history on the European continent across state, national and cultural borders. EGO’s topic pages enable deeper research by directly linking with multi-media offerings and sources.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Troebst is a member of the editorial committee.