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The GWZO contributes to online knowledge

Today, a computer or smartphone usually offer the quickest route to gaining new knowledge or deepening one’s insights. Alongside widely known knowledge databases such as Wikipedia, the internet also features offerings by academic institutions that provide information within an analytic context and from the perspective of current research questions. As the GWZO has dedicated itself to openness and exchange between the approaches of different research disciplines treating Eastern European at the institute, nationally and internationally, it contributes to several knowledge portals and digital expert forums.

In addition, the GWZO offers its own digital knowledge resources and database projects to disseminate research knowledge on Eastern Europe.

Plattformen und E-Journals mit GWZO-Beteiligung

H-Soz-Kult is a moderated information and communication platform of historical researchers and publishes subject-specific news and publications. The platform is conceived as a community network and committed to an open-access approach.

Lecturer Dr. Diemtas Müller is the point of contact in the regional department History and Culture of East-Central Europe. Dr. Katja Naumann coordinates Leipzig’s editorial review.

European History Online, EGO for short, depicts the last 500 years of history on the European continent across state, national and cultural borders. EGO’s topic pages enable deeper research by directly linking with multi-media offerings and sources.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Troebst is a member of the editorial committee.

The Clio-online portal offers subject-specific information for historical studies and adjacent fields. Clio-online offers not just comprehensive registries of researchers, institutions and online reviews, but also access to various thematic portals.

Dr. Katja Naumann is the spokesperson of Clio-online’s main committee. Prof. Dr. Stefan Troebst is the deputy chair of the sponsoring association.

Clio-online’s thematic portal »European History« comprises materials and depictions of the history and people of Europe from the 18th century to the present. It features a comparative depiction of history, highlighting its transfers and interconnections between the poles of nationalisation and globalisation.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Troebst is a member of the editorial committee.

Connections is a e-journal with peer reviews for supra-regional, transnational, world and global history. It carries forward the work of geschichte.transnational, which began serving as a review forum 2004.

Dr. Katja Naumann is one of the editors. The journal project is supported by the European Network in Universal and Global History (ENIUGH). GWZO employees are active in ENIUGH’s committees.