Natalia Khamaiko

Natalia Khamaiko, M.A.

associate researcher

About the Person

Born in Horodnia (Ukraine). Studied History, Cultural Anthropology, and Archaeology at the Taras Shevchenko Chernihiv State Pedagogical University. 2003–2011 research fellow at the permanent archaeological expedition at the Podil  in Kyiv. Since 2011 Junior Research Fellow at the Institute of Archaeology, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in Kyiv.

Since May 2022 guest researcher in the GWZO scholarship programme for refugee researchers.

Work Focus

  • Archaeology and history of Early Rus’
  • Archaeology of medieval and post-medieval Kyiv
  • Cultural and trade contacts 
  • Board games in Medieval Europe
  • Worldview in Early Rus'


Courses on archaeological methodology and the history of Ukraine at the T.H. Shevchenko National University Chernihiv-Kolehium and the Taras Shevchenko National University Kyiv.