Dr. Katja Bruisch

13.06.2022 - 30.06.2022


Guest researcher

Research Task at GWZO:

  • participation in topic area about usage of resources
  • preparation to the workshop »Resources in Use«


Department of History, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Research region


Research focus

Environmental and resources history

Publications (selection)

  • ''Nature Mistaken: Resource-Making, Emotions and the Transfor-mation of Peatlands in the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union'', in: Environment and History 26:3 (2020), pp. 359-382
  • ''The State in the Swamps: Territorialization and Ecosystem Engi-neering in the Western Provinces of the Late Russian Empire,'' in: Zeitschrift für Ostmitteleuropa-Forschung 68:3 (2019), pp. 345-368
  • ''The Soviet Village Revisited: Household Farming and the Changing Image of Socialism in the Late Soviet Period'', in: Cahiers du Monde Russe 57 (2016) 1, pp. 81-100
  • (mit Klaus Gestwa) Land, Soil and People: Agricultural Expertise and Power (19th and 20th Centuries), Special Issue at Cahiers du Monde Russe 57 (2016) 1
  • Als das Dorf noch Zukunft war: Agrarismus und Expertise zwischen Zarenreich und Sowjetunion (Köln: Böhlau, 2014)