Anna Bochnak, M.A.

01.09.2022 - 30.09.2022

Archaeology Medieval Studies

Guest Researcher

Research topic:
Iconographic analysis of the images on the lead seals of the Drohiczyn type


National Museum, Kraków, Poland

Research region

  • Eastern Poland
  • territory of Kievan Rus

Research focus

small lead seals of the Drohiczyn type (a very special type of trade seal that can be traced back to the area of Kievan Rus')

Publications (selection)

  • BOCHNAK, A. and WOŁOSZYN, M. 2017. "The sphinx of Slav sigillography - Dorogichin Seals in their East European Context". In. M. C. CALTABIANO (eds.), Proceedings of the XV International Numismatic Congress. Taormina 2015, Roma – Mesina, t. II: 1069–1073.
  • BOCHNAK, A. 2019; The collection of small lead seals of “Drohiczyn type” in the Numismatic Cabinet of the National Museum in Krakow. [in] The Sphinx of Slavic sigillography – small lead seals of “Drohiczyn type” from Czermno in their East European context. Edited by Aleksandr Musin and Marcin Wołoszyn, Kraków – Leipzig – Rzeszów – Saint Petersburg – Warszawa: 167–183.

  • BOCHNAK, A. 2021. Drohiczyn-type Small Lead Seals with the Image of a Bird from the Collection of the National Museum in Krakow. Old Ruthenian Sigillography Versus Early Piast Numismatics. Notae Numismaticae Zapiski Numizmatyczne, t. XVI, 225–242.

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