Valentina Mordvintseva, PhD

04.07.2022 - 03.01.2023

History Medieval Studies Archaeology

Research task at the GWZO

Historical-archaeological evaluation of the comparative analysis of elite burials of the northern Black Sea area from the 3rd century BC to the middle of the 3rd century AD.

Research region

Northern Black Sea Region

Research focuses

  • comparative analysis of elite graves
  • archaeological culture

Publications (selection)

  • V. Mordvinceva, Sarmatische Phaleren. Rahden Westf. 2001.
  • В.И. Мордвинцева, Полихромный звериный стиль. Симферополь, 2003.
  • V. Mordvintseva, The Sarmatians: The Creation of Archaeological Evidence. Oxford Journal of Archaeology 32(2), 2013. 203 – 219.
  • V. Mordvintseva, The Ethiological Mythos of Russian Empire and Study of Cultural Changes in the Northern Black Sea Region from the 3rd c. BC to the mid-3rd c. AD. Ancient Civilizations from Scythia to Siberia 23, 2017. 225 – 249.
  • В.И. Мордвинцева, Сарматская археологическая культура: от спекулятивной модели к сетевой. Вестник древней истории 4, 2020. 1058 – 1079.